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Importing Kuta Kidzinto your country is easy! We have been exporting our product worldwide for the past 20 years.

The key to our incredible success is that we consistently provide parents worldwide with a value for money product. Our clothes are made from the best materials available. They are the latest in fashion, wash well and outlast the growth of the children who wear them. We offer trendy outfits for newborn babies until children 10 years of age.

The demand for our product catalyzed the diversification into export in 1988. Today, we have over 15 established clients whose individual operations extend worldwide. Existing contracts include countries such as Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A., Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Virgin Islands, England, Guam and Spain.

Our export division of Kuta Kidz is marketed under the name of "Kuta Kidz". You can choose to import our goods under the Kuta Kidz label, or your own label.

We give wholesale buyers a discount off retail prices for orders of 100 or more pieces (not including accessories).

Kuta Kidz can also arrange freight of your order. The cargo company we use has extensive experience in complying and providing required documentation to all countries worldwide. .

Once you join our successful team by placing an order, Kuta Kidz will automatically grant you exclusivity and will not sell to anyone within 40 kilometres of your retail outlet. If you wish to negotiate a larger area, just talk to us.

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